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how to get a free ps4

Looking to get your own free PS4, or Playstation 4?

Well, its pretty simple, and many other people are getting their own brand new, free PS4 or free PS3 with this simple method!Free PS4
So how does it work? Well FIRST OF ALL you need to sign up to our network, just click the signup button it will take you there. To register we only need your basic details, your name and address, which can be changed whenever you feel like it, this is so we know where to deliver the free PS4 too!

Complete A Free Offer

For us to be able to give you a completely free PS4 it is pretty, simple, you need to complete an offer, so that we can receive commission from the company you complete an offer with, and then send you your free PS4. REMEMBER You only need to complete one free offer to get your free PS4, the company gives us money for taking to them, a new possible long term customer, and we use that to buy you your free Playstation 4.
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Would They Really Pay For My Free PS4?

In short, yes they would, its a tried and tested method thats always been used to get stuff like a free PS4. So how does it work?
Think of it like the Sky vouchers that you would get sent by Sky, offering to pay you £30-50 for referring a friend to their service, its exactly the same principle, just on a larger, more global scale!

Now REMEMBER companies like SKY spend millions on advertisements, what our network offers to them is a no strings attached, free alternative, driving new and interested customers to them, who have the potential of becoming long term customers, which will mean the companies will eventually earn a lot off the customers we send to them, and in turn they give us a commission for each valid customer who takes up an offer, that commission is then used to buy your free Playstation 4! So they have extra money to spend, and we have new customers for them!
So the free PS4 is being used by us, as an incentive for you to try out our sponsors offers, you get your free Playstation, and our sponsors get a new customer! Whats best is that some offers are completely free!!

It may take 24-48 hrs before your offer is shown as completed as we go through the validation checks, so please bare with us, in the event of any issues please feel free to contact us at support found on our network page.
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ITS EASY! Simply register with LOVEFiLM for the 30 day free trial, watch at least 1 film, rent it out or watch it online you decide! And thats it!!


Other offers also include:
how to get a free ps4how to get a free ps4
Just pay £3 for your PS4, all you need to do is purchase a domain through Godaddy for only £3, Godaddy is a well known recognised domain company.
Why not try the LoveFilm 2For 1 offer, get the 2 months for the price of one, and have unlimited access to games, movies and more to use with your brand new free Playstation 4! Dont like any of the offers? Well sign up, we have more free offers available!

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